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Mongolia: The economically emerging nation.

The land feared by many because of their aggressive horseback riding nomadic warriors led by the great Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan back in 13th Century which nearly occupied the most of central Asia has gone through several economic reforms past few years. This landlocked country, sandwiched between People’s Republic of China and Russia, has a … Continue reading

Real Estate investments in Nepal

Hi Ya’ll, Sorry I didn’t come up with the quantitative analysis of index tracking in “hidden emerging markets” as promised. It seemed like doing quantitative analysis by myself is one hell of a job. Don’t worry!! I’ll not disappoint you and finish up with that project pretty soon. However, my latest concern in real estate/housing … Continue reading

Hidden emerging markets and ETF index trading

Emerging markets and ETF index trading is today’s hottest topic in trading market. Many trading companies like Black Rock Inc.’s iShares, Vangaurd Inc., Standard and Poor’s SPDR index, Nasdaq 100’s QQQQ etc. has been tracking and trading different stock baskets ranging from the index trade based on market capitalization or specific market sector. However, with … Continue reading

First Post

Welcome, I’m a 3rd year university student majoring in Physics and Maths and minoring in Economics. However, with my rising interest in Financial Economics, I’ve planned on dedicating this blog to publish qualitative and quantitative investment strategy articles and other US and Global economics activities. Main focus of my research in understanding the possibility of … Continue reading