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I’m a 3rd year university student majoring in Physics and Maths and minoring in Economics. However, with my rising interest in Financial Economics, I’ve planned on dedicating this blog to publish qualitative and quantitative investment strategy articles and other US and Global economics activities. Main focus of my research in understanding the possibility of ETF index trading in Emerging markets that hasn’t been explored by mainstream ETF traders (for example Investment Banking and Financial institution in Nepal, mining industry in Bhutan, commodity trading industry in Bangladesh, commodity trading in Morocco and other hidden emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Latin America and so on). I’ll also try to discuss in my future posts about probable devaluation of US dollars and its impact on long term investments strategy.
Be on the look out for my next post about possibility of ETF index trading in “hidden” emerging market.

Manas Mudbari


About SignalMaven

Entrepreneur: Digital health, Telecommunication and Advertising industry. Space & Communications Blogger: Signalmaven.com


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